OpenAg Food Computer

Project Leader & Contact Information

Rev. Paul Crown

Project Description

A team of 3 Seniors are building an OpenAgTM Food Computer, a project of the MIT Media Lab, learn to grow vegetables using aeroponics, and experiment to see how changing environmental conditions affect vegetable growth and production.  This table-top sized personal Food Computer uses a Raspberry Pi as its main controller board. The goal of the project will be to get the Food Computer working, run experiments on it, and at year-end donate it for use by the Williamson County Junior Master Gardeners.


The team’s progress will be documented and published in the MIT Media Lab forums, where the team can also get advice and assistance.  The team gave a presentation of their progress in June 2018 to the Williamson County Master Gardeners Association. They will give a followup report after experiments have run in Spring of 2019.