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Project Description

Do you have a kiddo who loves insects? Then you might want to consider participating in the Club's newest project, Entomology. The project is open to Clovers and Juniors and we will meet five times during the year (mostly outside) at various locations in Georgetown. Through hands-on learning, we will learn about insect form and function, integrated pest management, forensic entomology and develop an understanding of entomology. Costs associated with the project will be minimal to cover the curriculum book for each participant as well as supplies for each month’s meeting. Meeting dates are: 9/23/18, 10/25/18, 1/27/19, 2/24/19 and 3/3/19. The location of the first meeting (9/23) is at the County Extension Office outside at the picnic table in the garden. Locations for other meetings will be provided at the first meeting.